Clinique Endodontique Mont-Royal

What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist with specialized endodontic training in the preservation of natural dentition. After earning a degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine, a dentist must undergo at least three years of advanced specialized training in endodontics in order to become a qualified endodontist.

Endodontists are experts in diagnosing the cause of oral and facial pain and are relied upon for their expertise in providing quick and effective pain relief and treatment for dental trauma.

How do endodontists and general dentists differ?

All dentists, including your general dentist, receive endodontic training in dental school. General dentists can perform basic endodontic procedures in addition to other dental treatment, but often refer patients in need of root canal treatment or endodontic surgery to endodontists. When referring patients, general dentists take into account a number of factors, such as the gravity of the situation, the patient’s needs and their own expertise.
On average, an endodontist typically performs 25 root canal treatments each week, whereas a general dentist performs only two.

Endodontic specialists receive extensive training and expertise in the treatment of a multitude of endodontic problems – from routine cases to highly complex procedures.
Endodontists use state-of-the-art technology such as digital imaging, Cone Beam Computed Tomography, surgical microscopes and fibre-optics to deliver the latest in root canal treatment. These advanced technologies give endodontists an accurate view of the interior of the tooth, allowing them to treat patients quickly and painlessly.

Why consult an endodontist?

You may need to see a specialist in endodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. Your dentist may have decided to refer you to an endodontist because of your medical condition, your preferences regarding treatment and care, your tolerance to pain and/or the overall high quality of your dental care. Endodontists are valuable partners in your general dentist’s team of caregivers who work hand in hand to relieve pain, save teeth and provide you with optimal dental care.

To learn more about the specialty of endodontics, please visit the American Association of Endodontists website.